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In Melton, Grantham, Oldham & Rochdale, for Jujitsu, Aikido, Iaido, Meanstreak, Judo, Thai Boxing & MMA

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Melton Judo

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Our lessons are held at Jubilee Sports

Friday          6:00 -   7:00 pm

Saturday      9:00 - 10:00 am


Melton White Tiger Judo Melton Judo

Sensei Pryor welcomes you to Jubilee Sports where he teaches judo

Our Instructor

Sensei Sy Pryor

Sensei Sy Pryor

Sy Pryor

Melton Judo was founded in 2013 by Sensei Sy Pryor to provide a safe and welcoming environment conducive to learning Traditional Judo.

Traditional Judo is derived form two form of Jujitsu namely Kito Ryu and Tenshin Shinho Ryu in 1882 by Professor Jigoro Kano the creator of Judo.

Our form of Traditional Judo incorporates self defence techniques, including kansetsu waza (locking), shimi waza (strangles) and nage waza (throwing).

While being an effective method of self defence, Melton Judo provide a great way for you to get fit, build confidence and make new friends. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience and we do like to make it fun.

We cover both general physical fitness and body conditioning to enable us to perform our techniques, which first start off by learning how to fall safely or roll correctly.

Our syllabus is derived from the original techniques, however we have also added contemporary ideas to continue it’s evolution and where appropriate have also included moves derived from other martial arts.

We also use the traditional Japanese terminology, but that shouldn’t put you off as it’s easy to grasp. It’s also a great language to speak and adds another dimension to your development and learning experience.

We hope to see you all soon -

Melton Judo

Jubilee Sports

Jubilee Street

Melton Mowbray


LE13 1ND

Next to Goodlife Gym

Sensei Phil Durant

Sensei Phil Durant